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Company is located in Jiangbei aluminum market - Shandong Linqu, the main silicone structural adhesive, silicone weathering adhesive, building structural adhesive, structural adhesive manufacturers, MS glue, plastic glass manufacturers, 107 price, sealant manufacturers, Zhenzhuo plastic, hair Foam filler and other products, the company has the domestic advanced production lines and a number of high-quality domestic and foreign experts and professors composed of research teams, with product development, innovation and market service capabilities. Produced by the "East Ho" brand silicone products not only in the country made a wide range of applications, but also exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions in the market enjoyed a high reputation and credibility, won the majority of users Highly praised. In the era of increasingly knowledge-based economy in the world, talent, capital, technology, market and business philosophy constitute the lifeline of enterprises. People-oriented, capital as a link, technology-based, market-leading, to create a good internal and external environment, as much as possible the staff's wisdom and enthusiasm to enable enterprises to maintain upward vitality. Excellent product quality, good corporate reputation, strong technical strength, full service, is the cornerstone of interdependence and support between enterprises and our customers.

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